GOP Set to Cave Again

Still pissed off over John Boehner wussing out over a government shutdown, conservatives are looking to see if the Republicans will have the stones to finally show some fight over lifting the debt ceiling.

Tax cheating Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has stated publicly that Congress will lift the ceiling, and has even warned Republicans that it will be their fault if the US defaults on its loans.  China is coming out demanding that we protect our creditors.  Since the GOP balked at the $100 billion in cuts they promised, they now have a golden opportunity to show they really do have some fight after all and will stand for the fiscal responsibility they campaigned on.

Don’t count on it; House Majority Leader Eric Cantor fired a “warning shot” across the bow of the Democrats, but it falls short of showing any promise that the GOP leadership won’t freeze the ceiling, thus allowing even more borrowing from China.

From Politico:

One day after being named to a presidential task force to negotiate deficit reduction, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor fired off a stark warning to Democrats that the GOP ‘will not grant their request for a debt limit increase’ without major spending cuts or budget process reforms.

Why is this even up for debate or compromise?

Full disclosure here, I didn’t even finish reading the article.  The fact that GOP leadership in the House is even saying it’s open for discussion and throwing out spending cuts as negotiation tools is sickening.  Boehner and co. are obviously afraid of taking any major political hits from a government shutdown, and this was evident in the last “fight” over spending.

But while Boehner and Cantor are wetting their pants over taking any sort of bad rap for a shutdown, a poll by Rasmussen shows Republicans losing ground on their Generic Congressional Ballot poll.  As of right now, Republicans only hold a three-point advantage, 42%-39%.  While it’s still a year and a half away from the 2012 elections, could the Republicans’ losing ground have to do with them caving on so many important issues that they campaigned on?

Tea Partiers and true conservatives are losing their patience with the Washington Republicans.  While Boehner and Cantor are obviously afraid of something that’s preventing them from showing some fight, the country is lagging behind, and we’re one step closer to giving the liberals the congressional majority back and Barack Obama another four years to turn us into an eastern European country.

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